Hi I’m Jake! I’m currently the VP of Design at Allovue helping school leaders make sense of their finances and plan better budgets.

Often people in professions that fall outside of the tech sphere (like education) get old, poorly designed, and ultimately ineffective software. My job at Allovue started with buidling and designing systems to make complex tasks possible for every principal and bookkeeper in a district.

As the company has grown so has my role and I am now in charge of a small but extraordinarily talented group of designers and developers. I act as a mentor and advocate, push my team to present and take ownership for their work, praise them publicly, and try my best to provide a feeling of psychological safety where they feel like they can be their whole selves and do amazing work.

Managing my team has become the best part of my job, and even more than the seriously amazing products we make, the thing I’m most proud of.

Work Things I'm Good At

Interaction Design
UX Research
Full Stack Prototyping
Building & Managing Teams


Allovue Inc.
VP of Design

Director of Design

Full Stack Developer, Marketing & Internal

Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer & Designer


Bachelor of Fine Arts
Maryland Institute College of Art, 2007

The Fun Stuff

I build LEGO sets and put light kits in them. I walk my dog Hank on my OneWheel. I collect CRT monitors and share photos of how good the scanlines look on a Discord server that's all about...CRT monitors.

I do woodworking on my CNC and 3D printing on my Prusa Mini+

I collect a ton of retro game tech and just built my first MiSTer.

But nothing in any hobby feels as good as sharing it with others, so if you'd like me to talk your ear off about any of the above, drop me a line!

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