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Allovue’s core product is a combination of several smaller pieces of functionality that help people like principals check in on their spending and set their budgets and people like chief financial officers construct rules for how money is allocated to each school across a district.

Initially these products were in their own silos. Over time we’ve built and re-built them to work closer together. is the most refined version of all of our ideas from the last 8 years that finally succeeds in offering functionality that’s useful not only to the district-level finance folks but down to the school level with principals and their book keepers.

I did the initial design treatment including the index and individual “bucket” pages. Once the direction was set Lolo Zhang and Rizzo Daly expanded and strengthened it with brand new illustrations, iconography, and UI as new features were planned and built.

The colors, styles, and UI from this new iteration of our products have also formed the basis of our latest design system.

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