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In 2016 when we made our first company shirt, the only rule I had was that it needed to be something I would want to wear even if I didn't work for Allovue. That rule has stuck with me any time we make physical “stuff.” People still ask me where I got that t-shirt and I proudly say I made it with my good friend Kali Ciesemier. It’s been years since we made them but I wear our sweatshirt every week.  And I’m drinking from our water bottle as I write this.

In addition to our internal swag my co-designer Lolo Zhang and I have done a ton of work for Allovue’s “Future of Education Finance” summits. The rubric of “would I use this?” had to sometimes be bent due to the cost of making articles that can be handed out to conference-goers, but I’m still so impressed and happy that the physical stuff we put into the world wasn’t (mostly) disposable.

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